Embed website

Embed iFrame HTML w website address

below may be blank because it's an iFrame version w a *|USERID... tag in the src url


this one has a UserID in the URL string, so even without authentication it  uses the user's stuff.

same thing with *|UID tag - can't evaluate

this is a v1.0 tag url with a hard coded uid


this one does NOT have  a UserID in the URL string - AND, YES, the contents are evaluated based on whichever user is currently logged in!  (in same browser)

Listings via a v1 API url string:


this one has does not have a UserID in the URL string - AND there is NO loggedin (authenticated) user. The difference when using this api URL approach is it doesn't take you to the login page - as it does when an html file is in the  (___Test or Auth??) folder.